Is Sober Living Possible after addiction?

North Carolina is the largest city is Charlotte that has been experiencing a streak by an addiction crisis. For an individual who has addiction in alcohol or drugs if you just left it like nothing just happened these may lead to severe injuries or even worst death. Our passion for working with individuals and families who are facing these storms is one of our major goals here at Drug Rehab and Sober Living in the city of Charlotte.

Our innovative approach to sobriety means joining the community and gaining a family that truly cares, and will be there to support you through the toughest times in life. So by providing a unique community-based residential style 90-day program that’s truly customized to the needs and unique circumstances of each individual.

Addiction affects every part of a person’s life. The only effort to prevent the use of drugs and alcohol is not enough to answer drug addiction. You need to change the way you talk to the world and with your own mind to resist the thrilling factors that can lead to a return.

We feature reliable positive opinion with full acceptance to all our client’s concerns so that they are able to express their emotions without fear of rejection. This allows them to gain a clearer understanding of their own inner thoughts, perceptions, and emotions that will promote development.

The privacy and their right are to be executed with confidential and we carefully secured it at all times. These rights are protected and we practice strict adherence to these guidelines.

In accordance with federal/state laws, our Addiction detox Treatment Centre do not discriminate any program participant/beneficiary, applicant or employee against there race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status, age, political belief or affiliation.

Our program consists of specific interventions meant to increase the sense of self so that a client can have a source of strength when these and other stressors tempt them to relapse.

These include building a personal program based on a client’s history, promoting the belief that everyone has the strength to beat addiction, positive psychology focusing on well-being and resilience, mindful meditation sessions, motivational interviewing, addressing avoidant behaviors and coping strategies that contribute to addiction, and psychoeducational groups that teach about the neuroscience behind addiction. All of these is just a highlight of our programs. Our treatment is more than just helping a person to stop using drugs or alcohol, but it’s a lifestyle program that can improve the way you interact with other people, the world, and your own mind.

We are here to provide you and to your loved ones with a fully encompassing recovery services that allow you/them to grow in unprecedented ways against all odds to your journey to recovery.

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